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What Up, LUPEC!

Uber <3 Proms. Uber <3 Cocktails. Uber <3 LUPEC.

We’re very psyched to be a part of the LUPEC Snow Ball this Monday… so psyched, in fact, that we’re going to give new users $15 in Uber credit to around on Prom Night. 

Not sure what Uber is?

Uber is a sweet new service in town that *delivers* you a black town car, complete with a chauffer, through your phone. Oh yeah, and it gets to you in five to ten minutes. Goodbye cabs, hello Uber.  

“That’s awesome, how do I sign up?”, you say?

Its simple. Just whip out your iPhone/Android and follow these simple steps:

(1) Sign-up: Download ‘Uber’ on your iPhone or Android device. We take a credit card during sign-up so you don’t worry about billing or tipping.
(2) Request: Open the app, tag your location, request a driver, and watch your chauffeured black car pull up within 5-10 minutes.
(3) Ride: Sit back, relax, and pull up to the party in Uber style. 

When you sign up, use “OhHiNick” for the $15 of credit, it’ll get you to the event for wayyy cheaper than a cab…and in style. 

Oh yeah, and tweet @Uber_Bos with your most embarrassing prom related picture (get creative). I’ll hand pick the most awesomest one and give that person an extra $40 in Uber credit to get to and from the event fo’ free :) (use #uberlupec as the hashtag) 

So pop those high heels on… I’ll be rockin’ a pretty sweet suit ;)

See you there,


Boston Community Manager