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Socialete Stoplight Party, Now with Black Cars!

I don’t care if you’re wearing green, yellow, or red… the Socialete Stoplight Party is going to be off the hook!


In “light” of this, we want you all rolling up in style. Black car style, that is. If you haven’t heard of Uber, we’re that hot new Boston startup that gets you a black car complete with private driver just by clicking a button on your phone.

Use our in-app photo service to get your picture taken in an Uber. The best picture uploaded will earn you a free Uber ride to and from Brunch on Sunday (or wherever you need to go :) 

Oh yeah, and we’re giving new users $15 to make the service cheaper than a cab!

"That’s pretty sick, but how do I sign up?":

Its simple. Just whip out your iPhone/Android and follow these simple steps:

(1) Sign-up: Download ‘Uber’ on your iPhone or Android device. We take a credit card during sign-up so you don’t worry about billing or tipping. 

(2) Pop in the promo code "BlackLight" so we can be sure to toss you that $15 in credit.

(3) Request: Open the app, tag your location, request a driver, and watch your chauffeured black car pull up within 5-10 minutes.

(4) Ride: Sit back, relax, and pull up to the party in Uber style.

No more waiting in the cold, no more strutting down the street in black dress and high heels, only classy, swaggerific Limo Service available at your fingertips.